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Experiencia en mediación por 25 años y más de 35.000 mediaciones

The initial skepticism which welcomed the ALTERNATIVE METHODS OF CONFLICT SOLVING at the beginning of the 1990s, led to curiosity at first, and afterwards to the persuasion of those who, already aware of the limitations that traditional (adversarial) schemes presented at the time of settling disputes, looked for answers in less conventional models.


In 1995, the 24573 Law opened the gate to MEDIATION. Since then, our goal has been to promote MEDIATING and NEGOTIATING as alternative techniques towards conflict resolution, encouraging the involvement, training and education of any community members who wish to become true builders of a culture of peace, improving the exchange between litigating parts and attempting to preserve interpersonal relationships.

Durante los 25 años de vigencia de la mediación, se han llevado en nuestro centro más de 35.000 mediaciones públicas y privadas.

In addition to that, MEDyAR has developed, in uninterrupted fashion, an important teaching and training task, as a habilitated educational entity by the Ministry of Justice (Hab. n°7)


It has been our commitment, as well as our achievement, to extensively promote mediation in environments related to business, school, the community, etc.

Today we make ourselves available as a consulting firm that specializes in the design of mediation centers and the training of mediators, all in the attempt to share our vast experience in the assistance of conflicts pertaining families, businesses, partnerships, property owners associations, etc.

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