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Homologated courses by the Ministry of Justice

Introduction to mediation course

Definition of Mediation. General Theory of Conflict. Collaborative Negotiation. Characteristics of a mediator and of the mediation process.

Advanced Training in Mediation

Adversarial and non adversarial methods. Differences between mediation and other RAD methods. Stages of the mediating process. Opinion generation techniques. Main characteristics of a mediation center. Training.


Conducting mediations with the involvement of students as observers.

Specialization in Family Mediation

Characteristics and specialties of the family mediator. Interdiscipline. Co-mediation. Mediating in divorce procedures. Alimony, visitation, custody, attribution of the conjugal home, dissolution of conjugal partnership, etc.

Domestic Violence Quandaries

Domestic violence according to different professional models. Myths and beliefs. Gender issues. Classification of domestic violence. Family in the face of violence. Partner violence. The cycle of violence. Beaten women. Crossed violence. Ill-treated men. Violence and child mistreatment. Child sexual abuse. Legal approach. Co-mediation. Etc.

Negotiation Tips

Different behavioral patterns in the face of conflict: competition, relinquishment, evasion, collaboration, commitment- Profiles according to nationalities. Final auto-evaluation test in negotiating styles.

Harvard School Negotiation Techniques

Development of the ¨sole text¨ and ¨mutually perceived choice¨ techniques. Practical negotiating exercises. Elaboration of strategies.

Sun-Tzu´s ¨The art of war¨ and negotiation

Sun Tzu´s military laws and its negotiation analogies. What we shouldn´t do during a negotiation. 6 ways to be defeated. Keys for preparing an efficient negotiation, etc.

Violence and work abuse. Mobbing and other concepts

Contents: What do we understand by mobbing or work harassment? Ways of solving harassment situations in the workplace. Different mobbing behaviors. Consequences of mobbing for the victim, the organization and for society.

Training for union leaders

Contents: Negotiating techniques and their application in real cases. Alternative methods in dispute solving towards the training of agents related to the union sphere (union representatives, general secretaries, mutual benefit societies agents, etc)

Negotiation in Hostage Crisis

Contents: Study and handling of the behavior of victims and culprits. Nature of the actions- negotiating team. Rationalized actions. A plan pointed towards a goal. Specific demands. Hostages kept for negotiating. NEGOTIATING GOALS AND MEDIATION. Saving lives. Recovering and protecting goods. Stockholm syndrome. What should be negotiated?

Penal Mediation

The penal process. The defendant, the victim. Validity and effectiveness of the sentences. The penal victim in the face of a mediation. Applicability and non-applicability of penal mediation. International experience; comparative law. Restorative mediation.

Educating towards peace in the school field

Contents: Negotiating and mediating at school. Communication. Axioms of communication. Ways of dealing with conflicts. Casuistry. Dealing with school conflicts. Program design for teachers.

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Between 1996 and 2018


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